Friday, September 23, 2011

24 years is never too late...

"Its just so amazing that this is happening to us," says Michael Soward of A budget vinyl EP that he produced and pressed 24 years ago which features the hot artist cut: �He�s Alive� by his lifelong friend - Shelby Hurns. This song is heating up in several European markets including Japan, Russia, and Australia. "We were both so broke when I was trying to get this record pressed that I had to do all of the cover work myself in black and white-I knew that this was the cheapest way to go." Michael has signed a licensing deal with PPU Records in DC that will get EP vinyl into music outlets and dance clubs all over the world. 

New download music by Michael is now available at Tunecore, Napster, Amazon mp3, e-music, and iTunes Worldwide. Email Address:

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