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Aeterno has got me thinking....

Together as presently constituted since late 2010, Aeterno hopes to represent a sound as big as its name. Combining melodic vocals and soaring guitar with titanic drums and bass, Aeterno creates a vibe that is both unique and timeless. Using elements of Rock, Reggae, Grunge and Indie pop the band demonstrates that true songwriting in popular music is not dead.

Aeterno Is:

Neil Sarker - Lead Singer, Rhythm Guitar - Musically, Neil is the youngest of the group, having begun exploring his natural musical talents as a junior in high school. What started late, bloomed quickly as Neil quickly began writing original songs as lead singer-song writer for local favorites "Old Blotter". Over time but with no formal musical training of any kind, Neil refined his song writing and vocal styling’s. Sometimes haunting and hypnotic, and at others, full and powerful, Neil’s vocals can steal the show. Though he loves performing, Neil hopes to only improve his lyric and songwriting, to create meaningful and lasting experiences in the time to come.

Jason Howell - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals - J was truly born to rock. Son to a classical piano teacher and blues band guitarist from a family of rockers, it wasn’t long before J picked up the musical torch. Experimenting early on with piano, violin, keyboard and saxophone, J musicality found his greatest expression when he started playing guitar. Jay’s musical education continued as he played in a variety of indie bands as well as his school’s marching band. Jay and Jimmy D met at the age of 14, forming a band called “Wisdom” and in 1994 they formed “Pentecost” an unconventional metal band. At 17, Jay met Jeffro, who awakened Jay’s appreciation for electronic sounds, and jump-started Jay’s excursion into the deep DJ realms of drum and bass. At 19, Jay began playing with Neil in Old Blotter. Joining Neil was the beginning of an amazing and synergetic collaboration of rock and roll riffs and vocal harmonies that now forms the frontline of Aeterno.

James Donelson (A.K.A. Jimmy D)-Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Producer- Jimmy started to play drums at the age of 5 and has been continuing to develop his art ever since. Jimmy is the cross between Buda and Poseidon on the kit. September/1991-June/1993 Jimmy Performed in the Jazz Band, Concert Band, Orchestra, Chorus and the Marching Band which was widely known as one of the top three bands on the East Coast, and the number one Drum Line on the East Coast with Methacton H.S Worcester P.A. and that is where he met Jay and they became good friends. Jimmy had to transfer to Perkiomen Valley H.S Perkiomen Valley P.A dew to an unstable childhood in 1993, but he did not lose contact with Jay. Jimmy became Drum Instructor his junior year at Perkiomen Valley, writing there music and instructing them on their marching and rudimental drumming. Jay and Jimmy Formed an unconventional metal band called Pentecost in 1994/1995. In1996 till 1998 Jimmy and Jay lived at Dome sound and Ultra-Psyche Records working on various artist with Richard Gavalas such as the production/mixing of “The Bloodhound Gang’s” triple platinum “One fierce beer coaster” album. Jimmy and Jay also worked with “Rain Still Falls” featuring legendary musician “Chuck Treece”, “Monster Magnet” and legendary recording artist “John Whitehead”. The Dome is where Jimmy and Jay met Neil and the boys in “Old Blotter”. In 1996 Jimmy was the drummer/percussionist for the generation x/pop rock power group “Catching Flies”. The band finished the debut album “Just a Phase” October/1995. In 1996 the remake of “The Monkeys” hit “Stepping Stone” went number one in Iceland. The band had the number one song in Philadelphia and the second best album, ranked just below “G Love and the Special Sauce” debut album. In 1996 Jimmy toured the East Coast extensively and “Catching Flies” took second place in “Musicians Magazines best unsigned band competition”. Jimmy then joined “The Eve Band” and they finished the debut EP “Things to Come” in October/1999. “The Eve Band” became very popular in College scene and Europe before breaking up in 2000. Jimmy continued to play with various artists until In 2010 Jay and Neil asked Jimmy if he would like to be part of their new project “Aeterno” and he immediately said “Yes”.

Jeffro-Bassist, Keys, Producer, Engineer- No one knows where Jeffro came from or what he did, he just appeared and became a musical inspiration to the band and of course the bassist/the reason they have the recording capability to show off their talents.
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