Friday, September 23, 2011

Melodime on the rise

The up and coming alt. country rock band, MELODIME, from just outside Washington, DC has recently released their newest album titled, 3 Reasons For Fighting. It has been praised by many as one of the best albums they've purchased in quite some time. MELODIME is hoping that you'd be willing to give it some feedback. Here's some more information about MELODIME! MELODIME is a touring trio made up of 2 brothers and a best friend that grew up playing music in a hayloft on their farm outside Washington DC. They simultaneously master up to 7 instruments at a time, creating a tasteful "big band" sound. Their genre is defined by melodic piano driven rock with a southern twist; delivering modern songs rooted in a deep musical history foundation. 

MELODIME, a trio from a farm outside Washington D.C. (Bradley Rhodes 23, Sammy Duis 25, and Tyg Duis 23), were taught at a young age not to despise small beginnings. From a humble upbringing to lowly tavern shows they have fought an uphill battle to become one of the premier bands in the metropolitan area. Their cross-genre sound, a great catalogue of songs and a dynamic live show have garnered them the attention of the industry and music fans of all ages. Before playing under the glamorous lights of respectable clubs, MELODIME (Bradley Rhodes and the Duis brothers, Sam and Tyler) sharpened their skills in one of the least glamorous places imaginable: the hayloft of the family barn. In the sweltering heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter, the boys emulated the sounds of Tom Petty, Dave Matthews Band, and The Goo Goo Dolls for none other than a heard of horses in the surrounding fields. 

Having backgrounds in a wide variety of music, MELODIME has landed on a clean, polished sound they�ve termed �Southern Fusion:� rootsy, colorful, and pleasing to those who hold an appreciation for the past, while simultaneously being catchy, contemporary and original. Their live performance is a point of strength as they achieve with 3 guys (without the aid of backing tracks) what many 4 and 5 piece bands struggle to. The sound is full, energetic and refined, commonly praised as being �better than listening to the album.� 
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