Friday, October 14, 2011

Young Smash is bringing down the house~

Young Smash Gangsta (aka YSG, Young Smash) is an up and coming rapper from Colorado (sharing close associations with California and Chicago). Real name Nicholas A. Grey - Rivera, born in Denver Colorado, is an ex drug dealer and gang member, who grew up with a deep passion for music.

"I always wanted to be a rapper, always. when little kids was playin with g.i. joes, i was in front of the t.v. with a remote, acting like it was a microphone performing tupac songs. But the conditions and environment that i grew up in didnt really lend itself to dreaming. i still did though."

Coming from black and puerto rican descent, Young smash grew up around various types of music, and culture, that helped fuel his passion for the arts even more. "I'm glad to say even though i didnt come from a quote on quote good neighborhood, my parents, cultured me very well. meaning they never limited my scope on things that would interest me. For example, I developed an interest in classical music, very early on, along with rock and opera. My parents provided me the opportunities to explore my interests fully and never saw it as wrong because of what is typical for our type of family. So i grew up as the kid, that was interested in everything, liked what i liked, and didnt give a fuck what anybody else thought."

As he grew older, his interest were eclipsed by the harsh realities of life. " When my dad died, my family or so called family was nowhere to be found. my brother wasn't there, so i had to step up and become the man of the house. i had just begun to realize my potential with writing music, but put my dreams aside. i matured into a man the day after my dad died."
He began dealing and banging as a way to make ends meat. although he knew the lifestyle wasnt for him, he still did it to attempt to fill the gap left by the absence of his father, and the lack of help from his family. "I did it to provide, the hustling at least. there wasnt any other reason. Mom was working 2 jobs full time, and still struggling to keep up, so i got on it. the banging kind of came as a way of releasing the subsidized emotions i had with everything that was going on at the time. it was almost subconscious"

Following a series of arrests, close friends passing, and a promise to his late best friend Antwoine "OD" Cunningham, Young Smash attempted to leave the street life. "It had me, it really did. i had turned into a monster. Nothing like the care free,live life to the fullest, dreamer that i am deep inside. It had taken me over. OD saw that. he felt it. Maybe 20 minutes before he got shot, he made me promise to get myself back. It took time, but i did it."

Kicked out of school for gang violence, reeling from the constant pain of his aqctions, and still searching for self, Young Smash was lost. But in his darkest moments his long standing passion helped him through. "Thats all i had man, (music), i had never stopped writing, but it just kind of came to me one day. im really fucking good at this. and back then i was your typical, gangsta rapper. ill kill yo bitch, run in ya house, type shit. but then i tried to tell stories, actual experiences through my music, and i found the light in my darkest hour. Its my release, my way of letting go, or just feeling better in general. So i did it. I left it where it was. Everything."

Now a commanding voice in the hip hop community, Young Smash Gangsta is set to take over. With multiple projects in the works, along with a debut e.p. 11:59 and a debut mixtape (mayhem at midnight) in the works, he is also a Member of the group * O' SO OFFICIAL* along with aj kellz and Mr. P.I.F. "My time is now, im better than your favorite, and i just started." Young Smash Gangsta is poised for a music industry takeover.

New Ep Coming Out October 21st

The 9 track Ep "11:59" Is full of hard hitting tunes. Also mixed in are some smooth tracks you can just ride to.
Manager: Eric Hunter

Record Label: Goodlife Record
Email Address:

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