Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tidbit: Pure Hip Hop Beats

With a passion for producing driven by a lifelong musical obsession, Vancouver’s Tidbit is dropping track after track of explosive hip hop flavor, building an extensive catalog of unique and infectious beats. One part producer, one part songwriter and 100 percent original, this independent musician manages everything from composition to mixing, creating instrumental tracks for aspiring rappers and singers alongside his own indie hip hop singles.


Drawing influence from a wide spectrum of musical flavors, Tidbit creates a thoughtful, inspired brand of indie hip hop, mixing sounds to create a genre-defying experience which thrills and excites the senses. With a personal playlist consisting of Mos Def, Yonas, Xavier Rudd, Jack Johnson and more, he combines the thumping bass of old school rap with the honest songwriting and artfully crafted lyrics of indie songwriters.

Now completely devoted to pumping out the hottest tracks in the underground Vancouver scene, Tidbit maintains a continuously growing stock of instrumental beats available for purchase and reuse by fellow up and coming artists. Penning a variety of hip hop, R&B and indie tracks, there’s a little something for everyone in his catalog, which features plenty of streaming audio and samples to get an intoxicating taste of his burgeoning talents.

While tirelessly devoting time and effort to his instrumental collection, Tidbit also features over 40 original tracks on his ReverbNation page, which currently ranks 2nd overall on the Vancouver, BC hip hop charts. Next up, he plans to collaborate with a variety of like-minded musicians and producers while upping his industry knowledge and releasing more instrumental tracks via digital retailers.

Check out Tidbit’s musical catalog on his official site and visit his ReverbNation page for streaming audio, pictures and more. Visit him on Facebook or Twitter to stay up on all the latest news from tomorrow’s next influential producer and songwriter.

Jesse Thomson
Cell: 7789885396

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