Friday, March 22, 2013

Watt Chamberlin: Fresh, New Hip Hop

I was born and raised in Memphis, TN. I played basketball my whole life and I really wasn't into music when I was younger. When I was about 12, a kid moved into the neighborhood about 2 houses down from me. He was about 16 and he was really into music and rap. We became friends and he introduced me to music and rapping. From then on, I would do music as a hobby by freestyling and making music. My friends and I would take people’s beats and freestyle over them and record it on the sound recorder on my computer.

watt chamberlain

Rap was still on the back burner to basketball though and I had scholarships to go to pretty much wherever I wanted to go to play basketball. Long story short, I left Memphis and went to college in San Francisco, Idaho, and Utah. When I was in Utah, I met my close friend Trey who was a music and film studies major at the school. He had studio equipment (mic, music program, etc.) and we started recording together when I wasn’t in practice or on the road with the team. People heard our music and loved it.

My senior year of college, I had a career ending injury so I started focusing on music more and applying all my focus on that. I got better and better, and so did my music. We got an apartment together after I graduated from college and I couldn’t get a job for about 5 months, so all I did was make music.

Now, music is my life. I am always writing lyrics or in the studio. My songs are like stories that I am telling my friends over beats. My goal is to become a better storyteller and to be able to put a smile on my fans faces.

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