Thursday, April 4, 2013

Klark Kentt Set To Release Debut Album “On My Way”

Prepare to be amazed! J.E.D.I. Entertainment artist, Klark Kentt, is splashing onto the rap scene with a fierce vocabulary and witty bars. His debut album “On My Way" dropping April 30, 2013 is poised to leave critics asking: Is Superman real?

The simple answer: Yes, and he is a beat mercenary for hire.

klark kentt

Kentt wears confidence like an Italian tailored suit; and with tracks like “Aint Worried” and “America” he makes it clear that legends are made not born. Fans look forward to hearing lyricism at its finest. Klark Kentt takes you on a story ride. From upbeat tracks like “Devil Wears Prada” to something smooth for women listeners, titled “Relax”. He even reveals his personal side in “You Gave Your Life Away”.

Hailing from Wilkinsburg, Pa, Klark Kentt has terrorized the Pittsburgh underground hip-hop scene for many years. In fact, his business savvy and rapping ability are being compared to the likes of Jay-Z. Inking a new contract with J.E.D.I. Entertainment, he is reaching from the bottom with plans to touch the top and with success as his aim and the world at his feet; he looks to establish himself as the Greatest of All Time. Judge for yourself. Visit or look out for debut album "On My Way" dropping April 30, 2013.


Established in 2013, J.E.D.I Entertainment is a Pittsburgh based music label with experience in Marketing and Promotions. A formidable force in the music industry, JEDI has the ability to push itself into the sight of its fans and consumers and remains a producer of hot music.

Contact: Simon Lewis

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