Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rising Canadian Indie Musician I.B. Kredible

Sex and Dubstep are the best ways to describe Kredible's newly released single. The song entitled "Foreplay" is one of Kredible's best works to date. The song is very catchy with a dubstep feel to it and is sure to have your speakers rocking!

When asked what his inspiration for this record was Kredible replied saying; "I make music about my life and I'm a sexual person". No matter what kind of music you are into, Kredible sure has a way for demanding your attention. "Foreplay is a masterpiece" said known hip hop artist Drake after listening to the record.


Kredible will definitely be coming out with his new EP/Mixtape sometime this year. That being said, if you love amazing music or just love sex don't hesitate to check out Kredible's new single via Soundcloud.

Check Out The Music Video Via Youtube:

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