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Waked Lunch Dishes Out Yet Another Film Score

Waked Lunch’s most recent album, “Trapped,” is the soundtrack to the film festival circuit selection, aptly titled, “Trapped,” directed by festival favorite Pedro Baron. Released this March, “Trapped,” is Waked Lunch’s fourth album and second official soundtrack release. Just under 30 minutes, this 21 song (including bonus track) album blends string quartet pieces with jazzy upright bass runs, and swaying tremolo guitar riffs, tympani, and full on prog-rock partially inspired by the Cult Classic soundtrack to Jim Carroll’s epistle, ”The Basketball Diaries,” one of Rosemary’s favorite compilation soundtracks. Consistently writing new material, Waked Lunch has released four albums since their official debut in 2009, (2009’s “In Progress…,” 2011’s “F.R.A.N.K.,” 2012’s “Sol-i-s,” and 2013’s “Trapped”), with another four completed albums ready to roll out in the future, including another soundtrack, and a venture into the new age/meditation arena!

waked lunch

The Waked Lunch Catalog is now available for further licensing, and ring leader, Rosemary, is once again ready to score new commercial projects. Music can make or break a film, and Waked Lunch is proud to offer superior scoring via their commercial studio, WaterWorks Entertainment Studios. That's right, they have a fully functional professional studio that they have access to 24/7, so if you need a last minute edit, they can take care of it, within minutes! They are also happy to help with any post-production work your film project may need. Rosemary not only studied post-production at SAE Institute, one of the world’s largest and foremost leading recoding/production schools, she also interned and worked in the post department at CMT. She learned from some of the best post-producers in television. Aside from the Waked Lunch catalog, WaterWorks Entertainment has amassed a huge selection of sound clips and loops, including purchased clips from major motion picture studios, as well as, a massive library they have created all on their own. In short, they can help with ALL OF YOUR SOUND AND MUSIC needs for your film project.


About Waked Lunch…
Waked Lunch was birthed, after Rosemary engineered experimental jazz saxophonist Steve Mackay's, (of Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Violent Femmes, Radon Ensemble, etc. notoriety), critically acclaimed album, "Sometimes Like This I Talk." Engineering these sessions, along with sessions with "the Queen of Noise," Leslie Keffer, (of Thurston Moore’s label Ecstatic Peace! Records), introduced Rosemary to a completely different world... a world outside of the more mainstream, but ever still "indie," rock, pop , and Americana music Rosemary had been not only writing and recording herself, but also producing and engineering for other bands of the same or similar genres, at her own Nashville, Tennessee based studio WaterWorks Entertainment. The Waked Lunch project is the next outlet, a huge outlet, which allows Rosemary to step way outside of the boxes she had previously housed her musical talents in.

So Who is this “Rosemary” you speak of?
Rosemary Haskins, is a Nashville native Writer, Producer, Engineer, Publisher, and ring leader for Waked Lunch. Rosemary has been playing professionally since she was about 13 years old. Playing in 21 and up clubs before she was even 18, Rosemary has played hundreds of shows across the United States, with dozens of different bands. In 2007, she opened up WaterWorks Entertainment, a professional recording studio, and publishing company that offers a variety of promotional services for artists. She has been successfully placing her published artists in various film/TV projects, webisodes, radio, festivals, and more. While pitching not only her music, but also dozens of other artists’ music, she realized that the WaterWorks Entertainment catalog was lacking solid instrumental compositions. As a savvy business owner, Rosemary decided to begin writing and producing pieces that were aimed more at film placement, rather than songs that were aimed for the radio. After a warm reception to some of her initial pieces, Rosemary decided to title the project “Waked Lunch,” after novelist William Burroughs’ own “Naked Lunch.”

Waked Lunch - Spring 2013

Release Date: March 5, 2013
Status: AVAILABLE in online retailers now.
Format: Digital and Enhanced CD, including bonus materials such as hidden tracks, videos, pics, and more!

WaterWorks Entertainment is proud to announce that the Waked Lunch Catalog is NOW AVAILABLE for further LICENSING opportunities.

Previous Film Placements and Discography…

• Waked Lunch’s “Trapped” (OST) (2013) – Album in CD/MP3 format
• “Trapped” (2013) – Film, spotlighted in various Film Festivals, most recently, at the Queens World Film Festival
• Waked Lunch’s “F.R.A.N.K.” (2012) - Album in CD/MP3 format
• Waked Lunch’s “Sol-i-s” (OST) (2012)- Album in CD/MP3 format
• “Sol-i-s” (2011) - Film, spotlighted in various Film Festivals
• “Blink” (2011) Film (Soundtrack to be released 2013)
• “Memoria” (2011) Short Film, Featuring Waked Lunch’s “the Curtain”
• Waked Lunch’s “In Progress…” (2009) – Album in CD/MP3 format
• Make-out With Violence (2008) – Film, Rosemary was a soundtrack contributor to the “Cutting Room Floor”
• Abbey of Thelema (2007) – Film, Rosemary contributed the theme song, “Altazar,” as well as another song, “the Swim.”
• Abbey of Thelema/Altazar (2007) – Music video remix of scene’s from the film, “Abbey of Thelema,” and scenes from the music video for “Altazar”
For full credits list, visit
For more information contact:

Rosemary Haskins
P.O. Box 120333
Nashville, TN 37212

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